About the game I Shall Remain


I Shall Remain is an Action and Survival RPG Game. The year is 1945. Having the story placed in an alternate future – right at the end of the second World War when Nazis managed to release a deadly virus over US territory – allowed us proper ambiance and background for an interesting game deployment. The game is the story of two brothers and their intricate relation with the apocalyptic world rising in the leftovers of the Z0M81 Pandemic ravage.

The presentation takes the form of an old movie recording where the player is invited to take the lead on the characters and discover the truth about the infection and the future of the human race. Gathering teams, fighting thousands of enemies and surviving through countless territories in the heart of the old New York area, on top of a real-time RPG system and a detailed story to uncover, are just few of the features I Shall Remain has to offer.

Following there are details about most of I Shall Remain important features

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